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Adidas - Run For The Oceans

Run for the Oceans is one of adidas’ largest sustainability initiatives, engaging runners globally in the fight against marine plastic pollution. For every 1km run, adidas donates $1 to the Parley Ocean School to educate the next generation of ocean activists. So, how did we get the world running...? We trash talked them into action and created the largest asset publishing campaign in adidas’ history.


First, to show people what they were running for, we told the story of the Parley Oceans School. Educational social content gave a face to the plastic pandemic.


Then we started trash talking. We tasked adidas’ network of athletes, celebrities, and running crews to trash talk the world into getting off their butts, and running for the oceans.

Eventually, our campaign became the largest asset publishing campaign in adidas history. We created a socially-charged activation that took the power of social, celebrity and community to highlight the global threat of plastic - grabbing the attention of millions of fans, activists and runners to join the Run For The Oceans movement.

In total, we held 3 pinnacle events, and over 300 local events that spanned across 62 countries.

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