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Polaroid Limited Editions

At Polaroid, they release a lot of super interesting, small-batch experimental rarities. This gives us a chance to come up with some extremely budget-friendly lil' concepts to help sell them. 


The first: Reclaimed Blue

At the Polaroid R&D lab, a young scientist, Brian, invented an entirely new kind of film chemistry... by accident. But the experiment wasn't finished. Polaroid still needed to figure out what type of photography the film was good for....


We included a collection of Insta stories where you could ask Brian himself any questions regarding the accidental product, encouraged people to experiment and share their best results, and even wrote a big ol' breakdown of how the chemistry works. If you want a long copy example, here it is. ​

The second: Retinex Film

Polaroid launched a limited edition film based on the Retinex Theory, which was theorised by Polaroid's founder, Edwin Land. The theory shows how colors are interpreted differently depending on surrounding colors. You don't perceive with your eyes, you perceive with your mind, man. 

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