About me.


A long time ago, I studied philosophy and creative writing. Then, not as long ago but still quite long ago, I became a cocktail/wine guy. A medium time ago, I used my writing skills to break into copywriting: I got into Award School (a top ad course in Australia) and scored a job before the course finished. 

Since then I've worked in a handful of countries and won a handful of pitches and awards. When it comes to straight copywriting, I can do it all; from one word to all the words. 
When it comes to creativity, I love building worlds, using humour, jumping into the abstract and surreal, and pushing boundaries.* However, as clients very rarely want any of that, I am adept at being realistic and working within ever-shrinking boundaries. I also play well with others. 


*Please note that I have successfully avoided using the word "storytelling", which is now on every creative's website probably until the end of time.

I also take my side hustles seriously, whether it's comedy pieces, short films, or kids' books. If you want to talk about any of this, or for me to make you an Old Fashioned, just drop me a line.

Anomaly, Amsterdam

M&C Saatchi, Sydney

Leo Burnett, London

Johnnie Walker






... and more. 

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